Translation is a key tool for marketing and communicating in any country worldwide. We provide our customers with a team of native bilingual translators who are specialists in the different fields (technical, sworn, financial, medical, digital and website translations as well as in publishing). .

Standard  translations| Specialist translations | Legal translation| Sworn translations | Website translations

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The most important part of any event is communication between those taking part, regardless of the language being used.
We have a team of professional interpreters, all members of the Portuguese Association of Conference Interpreters (APIC), who have wide experience both in Portugal and internationally, and work in several language combinations.

Simultaneous Interpreting | Whispered Interpreting | Consecutive Interpreting | Business Interpreting

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In order to communicate messages efficiently, use the terminology (commercial, legal and technical) that best suits the target reader and the media used.
We adapt websites, brochures, advertisements, labels and presentations.
We proofread everything that we translate, and we also proofread externally translated documents upon request.

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Do you need to learn the language spoken by your customers or new partners?
Sotaque offers customised courses on your premises. Qualified, native teachers provide high-quality courses where you learn effectively.

Coaching | Spanish | English | Portuguese

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